Hire_private_eye_imageHire A Private Detective Or Not?

Should You Hire A Private Detective?

Or Should You Use Cheaper Technologies Rather Than Hire A Private Detective?

hire a private detectiveStop, before you hire a private detective you should understand the costs and understand the alternatives because many private detectives can charge you well over $100 an hour.

Hire A Private Detective If…

One of the most common reasons to hire a private detective is for problems with spouses or partners but many people hire a private detective to check out potential troublesome employees or to even help them protect their teens from dangerous situations.

Alternatives To Hiring A Private Detective

Depending on your situation, there are things that you can do that are faster and more effective than hiring a private detectives. One of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind over a troubled relationship is to use the technology of spy software. Rather than hire a private detective you can simply do a spy software download and you will have an amazing amount of data that you can use to find out the truth.

When To Use Spy Software Rather Than Hire A Private Detective

If you are on a joint phone plan with the person you are concerned about and the phone he or she uses is a smart phone, then you are moments away from finding the truth that you need for peace of mind and protection. Spy software can be purchased over the internet for less the $50 and downloaded onto the cell phone of the person you want to find the truth out about. Once it is on the phone, it is invisible to the user, but for you there will be a special website that you can log onto and see who is being called or texted, who is calling or texting that phone. You can listen in on ongoing conversations and even see the physical location of the cell phone on Google maps.

Why Hire A Private Detective?

As you can see, you will have the truth very quickly and it won’t cost you $100 per hour plus expenses. The fact is that private detectives can’t use this technology because they are on the cell phone account. There are legitimate and important reasons to hire a private detective such as when you need to check on someone who doesn’t share a cell phone contract with you. But in most domestic cases or business cases spy software technology is beyond amazing and gets the job done so you don’t have to hire a private detective.

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Spy Software Rather Than Hire A Private Detective

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