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What Is An Android Spy Software Download

Is Android Spy Software expensive?

android spy softwareWhen you think about Aneroid Spy Software or any smart  phone software for that matter, you generally think of those secret  agencies that  us 3 letter abbreviations as their identifiers such as FBI, CIA or the infamous KGB. The idea of a spy software download may have never crossed your mind.

But the truth is with today’s technology, Android spy software downloads are possible for anyone who wants to get  their hands on it.  All you need is the Internet, the IMEI number of the Android-based phone, and a credit card.  If you have no idea what the IMEI number is, it is a unique number that is assigned to each Android based phone in the world.  The IMEI number helps to ID the phone form the millions of other phones in the world no matter if they are Android based or not.

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Now you shouldn’t  install your Android spy software download on phones that you do not legally own—your name does not appear on the service contract. That is against the law, but you can install it  on any phone you own including phones that you may have purchased for your partner, boy friend, girl friend, or spouse.  You can also install it on your company phones.

What Does Android Spy Software Do?

Once you install your Android spy software  download on a phone you own go onto the web enter a password and up will come a complete record of calls that were made since the software has been installed.  It includes who was called and what time the call was made.  your Android spy software will even pinpoint the physical location of the phone using Google Maps.  You can also listen in on current conversations.

That, of course, is the technical way the software works, but the benefits it provides are endless.  It can give you peace of mind about many situations.  As a parent you may want to install it on your kids phones so that you know where they are at all times and who they are contacting.  Maybe you are an employer and you need to keep track of company cell phones or keep tabs on potentially troublesome employees.  Maybe you have had nagging feelings about the faithfulness of your spouse.  Your Android spy software can give you peace of mind at literally a fraction of the cost that a privet detective would charge.

Adndroid Spy Software For Employers

Many employers put it on their phones and notify their employees that the phones are being monitored and this has not only solved their problems but solved problems they didn’t even know they had.  So whether you are a worried parent, troubled spouse, or a frustrated employer an Android spy software download my just be the answer to your problems and give you great peace of mind.  And you don’t have to join the CIA to get it.

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